Makeup Mondays with Morgan- Brow Shaping

This week I want to talk a little bit about brow shaping. Within the past few years brow shaping has become very popular and this is a trend that I am happily on board with. The eyebrows are the frames of your face, without defined brows your face looks a bit lost and incomplete in photos. I think that in the past people were afraid to define their brows because they didn’t want to make them look too dark. But luckily since the 80s (when that look was in 😉 we have come a long way in terms of Brow makeup products. Anastasia Beverly Hills is a great brow makeup line, I love using their brow gels. I also really like Clinique’s super fine liner for brows because it’s very thin and you can go with very small strokes that look really natural when filling in your eyebrows. I even sometimes use an eyeshadow that complements a clients skin tone, wet an angle brush and paint on the eyebrows that way. When trying to create that perfect shape there are a few thing to consider. First follow the natural shape of your eyebrow and create your outline using that as your guide. I like to use the brush on the on the bottom part of my eyebrow first so that I can blend it up later and make it look more natural. It’s a good idea to use the inner corners of your eye as an end point when filling in your brows, you don’t want to create a unibrow look. Use the outer corner of the eye as a stopping point if you overextended too far it makes you look a little bit older. Remember when applying darker colors less is more so start off with a little amount of product on your brush and you can always add to it. If you put too much on it’s hard to fix that mistake without wiping it off. You can also add a little bit of concealer above and below the eyebrow for further definition. This step is a great thing to do for those that are afraid to put too much product on. If you use a concealer that’s just a little bit lighter than your skintone it makes your brows naturally standout more kind of like a natural highlight and Contor thing. I really embrace brows and I think that you should work with what you have. Love your brows! I hope that this post helped those trying to figure out how to go about filling in your brows.
Thank you so much for reading and as always tell next Monday stay beautiful!


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