Makeup Mondays with Morgan- Choosing the right Foundation


Hello beautiful people! This week I want to talk about something that is so important to every makeup wearer; Tips on finding the right foundation for your skin tone. There are so many makeup brands out there that make foundation and it’s hard sometimes know where to start. When I first started doing make up 10 years ago this was one of the hardest things for me to fully master. The reason that finding the right foundation tone can be so difficult is because every person has multiple tones of colors in their skin and you might not be able to detect which tone is dominant on your face. The most dominant tones in foundations to choose from are either, red or pink, yellow or olive. People like Kim Kardashian and J-Lo naturally have a lot of yellow tones in their skin so they have to use foundations that have more of a yellow base. The majority of people that have darker skin tones tend to lean more towards red or pink tones like Octavia Spencer and Oprah Winfrey. Olive skin tones are less common but the one person that comes to mind would Penelope Cruz. A really great way to help you find your dominant tone is to try and match the foundation to your chest. Your face might be a slightly different tone due to a tan or pigmentation issues so your main goal is to make your skin match so match it to your chest so that once applied they should flow seamlessly together. Most foundation brands will offer either a pink for a yellow based foundation. I know with M.A.C it’s either NW or NC. NW stands for warm tones like red or pink, and NC stands for cool tones like yellow. So keep that in mind when you’re searching for your foundation color. Also test a small patch on the side of your face close to your jaw line so it’s not super noticeable to anybody else but noticeable for you. wear it for at least 10 minutes and see how it looks when it sets sometimes foundations set a little bit darker changing the color you initially thought it was. As a added bonus when shopping around for that perfect base, most makeup counters can make samples of foundation, but of course they don’t announce that because they want you to buy the full bottle. so if you’re on the fence about buying a certain foundation ask for a sample so that you can try it out for a week before committing to it. I hope this post helps those of you trying to find the perfect foundation. Thank you also much for reading and as always stay beautiful till next Monday!

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