Makeup Mondays with Morgan- How to make your eyeshadows pop

Morgan Monkou-www.MarianneElizabethPhotography.comThis week I want to talk about how to make your eyeshadows pop! There are a few simple ways that you can get your eyeshadows to look a little bit bolder and they’re very easy to do. For those eyeshadows that look great in the pan but the color pay off on your skin doesn’t seem all that grand, Here’s what you can do to spice it up. So for those neon colors that I want to look more bold like a bright lime green or bright yellow, I use a white base so that the color appears more bold. I really like to use NYX the jumbo pencil in the color milk because it easily glides onto the lid and It smooths out on the skin pretty easily.







A white eyeshadow primer or any white eye pencil will do it just might take a little bit more work if it’s a skinny pencil. Since the objective is for the consistency to be smooth and seamless it can be difficult to work with a small pencil due to the fact that if not blended correctly you can see streaking underneath eyeshadow. The second trick that I like to use particularly with metallic types of eyeshadows is to wet the brush a little bit before using it. This way the product sticks to the brush better and glides onto the skin better leaving more pigmentation. You can wet the brush with water or any type of face setting spray like M.A.Cs fix spray.









When I use water I will take a very small amount of water and put it on a plate or something and just get it on the sides of the brush so I don’t leave the brush soaking wet, you really don’t want it soaking wet because then it won’t pick up any product. The sprays work really well for this because it is damp without having to try to hard. This step really comes in handy for me when I’m creating my defined eyebrow look. I take an angled brush and a dark brown eyeshadow that suits the color of my eyebrows, I wet the brush and then draw my eyebrows in place. So that it gives me that really nice defined look without having to spend a fortune on brow gel’s and all those other expensive brow products that are out there. These tricks really help me when I’m trying to create that dramatic look or defined brow so I really hope that these tricks help.


Thanks for reading!


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