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This week I want to talk about the essentials in my makeup kit. People ask me all the time if I use one particular brand of make up or mix it up? I absolutely use different brands of make up because I feel like different brands do different things very well but they might not be good at everything. So I’ll walk you through my go to products. I am a huge fan of Clinique and M.A.C since I worked for both companies in the past. I think that Clinique has an excellent skin care line for people that range from sensitive to oily skin they have a number of products then keep you covered. I love their eye make up remover’s especially because their ophthalmologist tested which is something that’s really important when you’re putting something on that close to your eyes. They also have a really great brush cleanser that I use all the time! Some brush cleanser’s don’t get everything off of your brush but I feel like Clinique is really good at making a product it takes the make up off to brush M.A.C is also another place that has a great brush cleanser. Clinique also has a loose powder that is very light that I love using as a setting powder after I’ve applied foundation on my clients. So those are my top products from Clinique. Moving on to M.A.C, M.A.C does so many great things in the make up world. One of my must-have’s in my make up kit would have to be their studio fix fluid foundation. It lasts, sits nicely on the skin and does not look cakey or overdone and I know that it will last all night. I truly love their lip liners I’ve tried so many lip liners in the past and to me I feel like M.A.Cs stay on the lips the best… I know they’re expensive but they’re worth the investment because they keep your lips looking great for a long time. They have such a great range of lipsticks and eyeshadows that are very pigmented and the beautiful on. They also have a great line of highlights that look so soft and beautiful on the skin. My next top brand believe or not is Sephora! They have excellent waterproof eyeliners that stay on the skin so well and they are highly pigmented. Both the gel liners and the retractable pencils are a must for me in my kit. They also have great silicone based primer’s that are less expensive then some primers that are out there but still do a very good job. Sephora’s lip products are also pretty good they are not as thick or as pigmented in my opinion as M.A.C’s but still very pretty. Last but not least my favorite brand of mascara for my own personal use would be benefits “they’re real.”
So whether you’re trying to build a make up kit or even just spruce up your own make up stash, these are products that have really worked for me and I hope that this post provides a little bit of helpful guidance.
Thank you so much for reading. Happy Memorial Day! and as always stay beautiful till next Monday

Thank you so much,

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