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This week I want to talk about ombré lips. I love this look! It’s such a great look and not that difficult to create. There are several ways to create this colorful look. I like to start by lining my lip with a darker color then my base color either lipstick or gloss will work. If I’m going for a purple based ombré I’ll use a deep plum or burgundy color to outline my lips and slightly fill in the outer corners of the lips. Then I place the main color on top of that trying to keep most of the product in the center of the lips and then spread it to the outer corners. I spread it slightly so that it does not fully cover the deeper liner that I have just filled in. imageThen I go in with a light pink or purple and put it right in the center of my lips. Very gently, I will either smoosh my lips together or use a lip brush to blend the colors slightly. It’s important to remember not to blend too much or you’ll lose that pretty graduation of color. If you don’t have a large collection of different lipsticks and liners you can you eyeshadows to create your ombré. Start by using your base color then use a deeper shadow in the same family color and layer it on top in the outer corners of your lips.

Using a shadow will give you more of a matte look and make it longer lasting. When building any shadow remember less is more so put small amounts on your brush at a time, this will make it easier to control. Then blend the color slightly lighter right before the outer corners. Continue blending until your happy with the look. I like to use red into orange and red into purple as a few more examples of different color options. This bold look is best worn with simple eyeshadow in my opinion so it also saves you a bit of time with your makeup 🙂

Thank you so much for reading I hope you guys enjoyed this post.
Please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.
Till next Monday, Stay Beautiful

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