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This week I want to talk about skin care. All right ladies I know that my skin is not perfect but this is what I do to keep the pimples away and it works for me. I follow these steps twice a day in the morning and at night. I wash my face with cetaphil facial cleanser (for oily skin in the summer and normal to dry formula in the winter.) I have pretty dry skin in the winter time and the consistency of the cetaphil is wonderful because it’s so gentle, it almost feels like I’m washing my face with the lotion as opposed to a harsh cleanser. For the summertime I like to use the normal to oily formula because I am oilier and it cuts the extra oil that I have on my skin. After that step I use an astringent and I like to use witch hazel, it’s cheap not harsh on the skin and it actually helps to make your pores look smaller overtime. Then after that I use a moisturizer, I like Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing lotion. Clinique also has a gel that is pretty much the same but it’s great for people that have oily skin because it just adds moisture and doesn’t leave that slightly greasy feeling that lotions can leave behind. Then after that I’m ready to put on my make up. At night I follow the same steps but I add a couple more steps. If you have worn makeup that day then it’s very important to make sure that You take off all the make up. So I’ll use a makeup remover of some type to get everything off and if I rinse my face and I still see that there’s a bit of make up on I’ll use the makeup remover again. I like to use an eye makeup remover first that his been ophthalmologist tested so that I know that it’s not going to hurt my eyes if anything gets in. Removing your eye makeup with oil can lead to glaucoma so I really try to avoid using any Eye makeup remover is with that in it. Then I will take a make a cleanser and wash my whole face I like to use either Clinique’s take the day off or, M.A.Cs green gel cleanser. I like my makeup cleanser to have more suds when I rinse my face but there are makeup cleansers that do not foam as much when cleansing, so if you prefer that go ahead and try a different kind of makeup remover. This step is so important in your daily routine because if you don’t get all the make up off then you’re not truly cleaning your skin. So after that I follow my three steps, then I use an eye cream I like to use Clinique’s “all about eyes” it’s very gentle but hydrating and then if there is a night cream that I want I apply that before I apply my lotion. And that’s it that’s all I do and it works for me. I hope that you guys give it a try if you are having any issues with keeping your skin clear. I know that everyone’s skin is different so please reach out to me if you have any questions about skin care and I will try to help answer them. Thank you so much for reading.
as always stay beautiful till next Monday

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